ClearPayments API

ParallelPayments' easy to integrate solution for compliance and risk management. Combining an all in 1 platform to perform Fraud & Compliance checks, Account onboarding through KYC/KYB, and AML/BSA checks.


  • Anti Money Laundering

    ClearPayments has developed a detailed BSA/AML Risk Assessment to identify, monitor all risks posed to its business and to track causal factors, mitigating factors and other actions required to address the presented risks. Watchlists and databases, including checks against suspected terrorists, money launderers, fraudsters, or PEPs will be also supported by our partners.

  • Account Onboard

    With ClearPayments, you can onboard new users to your platform by performing KYC checks and fraud monitoring. ClearPayments will direct and supervise the overall AML/BSA program, reporting suspicious activity and informing about each result.

  • Compliance

    Do more than just compliance. With ClearPayments monitor all suspicious activities 24/7. Our partners' leading data repositories often detect bad actors even when they’re using real identities.

  • Features:


    API and widget-based infrastructure bringing our solutions faster, more reliably, and compliantly.


    Our secure gateway combines state-of-the-art technology with PCI DSS Level 1 security standards, protecting users' sensitive information continuously.

    Seamless Support

    Our team of experts is ready to assist you at any time, to ensure an easy and practical customer experience.


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