Fiat & Digital Asset Payments Dedicated Technology

Obtain technological capabilities to support money transmission, payments and FX services via crypto currency and fiat, in an easier, safer way at a better price.


What Can You Do

Fiat and Digital Asset Settlements

We support a wide range of fiat and digital assets that can be combined into any product pair. The technology combines this with on-chain settlement for digital assets, which provides an independent ability to verify ownership via the blockchain and allow purchase/sale transactions.

Institutional Custody

Custodial services through encrypted and private key storage infrastructure in one account for maximum convenience and ease of integration. We integrate a universal asset platform which allows the custody of a wide range of securities and digital assets.


Partnered with industry leading data repositories, we do KYC, AML/BSA, identity verification, risk and fraud assessments to your customers. As a registered MSB entity, we direct and supervise the overall compliance programs, going further than just verification.

    Why ParallelPayments?

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    Our Partners



    B2B technology solution for Institutional Customers who wish to integrate payment/Settlement solutions, Custodial Services, Crypto Exchange into their website/portal.



    ParallelPayment's easy to integrate technology solution for everything related to compliance and risk management. ClearPayments integrates an all in 1 technology platform to perform Fraud & Compliance checks, Account onboarding through KYC/KYB, and AML/BSA checks.


    We invest in cutting edge technology solutions to benefit our customers.

    Jason Butcher ParallelPayments, CEO
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